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  • Lemon, Sage & Ginger  All Natural Soap
  • Grain Filled Honeysuckle soap
  • Honey lip balm
  • Grape Lip balm
  • Lemon- Lime Lip Balm
  • Exfoliating Citrus All Natural Foot Scrub

We are proud to specialize in All Natural Soaps, Lip balms and  Body butters for Dry Hands and feet.  All Handmade Products.  Made in USA. What is body butter?  Try our Best Body Butter and find out! 


All of our products are made from the finest ingredients available.  All of them have the finest scents and essential oils that help make you smell and feel good.


"I have tried several of the body butters, including Gardenia, Jasmine, and Morning, and they are wonderful! The scents are not overpowering, just subtle enough to be fragrant, and the butter was not greasy at all, yet lasted all day. I highly recommend the products of Rose Best."--By Laura F.


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