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Welcome to products that are handmade from natural resources and all from plant life.

All our products are made from the finest ingredients available. All of them have the finest scents and essential oils that help make you smell and feel good.  Handcrafted Soaps and more. We use nature to nurture your skin.

Pamper yourself to all natural soaps that make you feel silky and smooth. From body butter that enriches your skin and eye masks that relaxes you. Lip balms help seal cracks while Foot Scrubs smoothen your feet. Our Room Sprays are great to freshen up your home. Just spritz them on your bedsheets or your curtains and when the wind moves it smells heavenly.

Give these gift bags to your friends/ family and they will praise your gift for days. It will be impressive for the boss or co-worker. They work great as appreciation gifts for staff.

I started making soaps in 1998 with a group of friends. I gave them to my sister. My sister used only those soaps and wanted me to continue with it. It helped her feel luxurious. What started as fun hobby turned into a lifelong journey of learning what's good for the environment and my family. I wanted to do this as a business because I want people to feel comfortable in their skin. To enjoy how the skin feels and to love themselves. We make it in small batches so that each part of the process is enjoyable. The making, pouring of soap, the cutting, wrapping.  Everybody who uses it loves them. My body butters helps heal cuts and my clients include doctors who love them. It is a wonderful feeling to see people enjoy the soaps and heal. I have been selling at the Farmington farmers market now for seven years and it is great to see my repeating customers say how much they enjoy the products. One of my customers told me(she has been a loyal customer for past 5 years) how excited she was that her daughter finally started using my lavender soap. She said that she had been trying to get her to use it but being a teen she was not doing so. She got a rash on her hand and her mom asked her to use our Dreamy Lavender soap and now not only does she use it but sees the benefit in it. Her rash I was told completely healed. I hear these stories from different customers. 
My new passion is making cards. You will see cards soon that you may want to add to your purchase. I love stamping and creating them with my kids.

I hope you enjoy the products the same way our company enjoys making them. Feel free to write any feedback to us or with any concerns or questions.

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