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5 Benefits of Turmeric powder

5 Benefits of Turmeric powder

A common household spice, this is high in Vitamin C. It is extensively used as a local home medicine. In Chinese herbalism it is used a a cure for bruises, sores, toothache. Great for circulation, muscle pain, arthritis.

  • It is the most effective remedy against dark circles under the eye and lighten dark armpits.  Mix buttermilk and turmeric powder as turmeric brightens skin, reduces pigmentation and dark circles. Mix 1 tbsp each and apply under the eye or under the armpit for 30 mins. Rinse.
  • It is great to clear acne on your skin. Mix 1 tbsp with 1/2 cup raw honey. Pump a small amount on your hand and massage it on your face. Leave for a few mins and rinse. Turmeric helps to clarify and deeply cleanse your skin.
  • Great remedy for dull skin- Mix in milk and apply it to your skin for 20 mins. This ensures that the dullness goes away.
  • Stimulates glowing and fair skin as it slows down cell damage.
  • It is revered for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric Bar soap.

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