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5 Benefits of Essential Oils

5 Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruit, resin, seeds, needles or twigs of a plant or tree.

  • It helps the body in repairing itself.
  • It is sacred as they come from the deepest and richest part of the plant and have been in use for more than five thousand years.
  • Essential oils in ancient China were used to treat mania, depression and anxiety.
  • Ancient Babylonians used essential oils to perfume their body. They adopted this from Vedic Indians who built temples and palaces made from Sandalwood to radiate intoxicating aromas for spiritual purposes.
  •  Egyptians used essential oils in their daily lives to maintain health, for personal hygenie, to lift emotions and as offerings to their gods.
  • In skincare they are used to feel refreshed and help feel good.